Alcohol & Other Drug Programme

Alcohol and other drugs in the workplace pose a threat to health, safety and performance. Tackling this issue requires a comprehensive approach which is fully integrated into the operational procedures of the organisation.

While an alcohol and other drug programme does not offer instant results, when applied consistently, it can provide major long-term benefits for an organisation and its people.

Working with Instep EAP

Instep EAP takes a holistic approach to helping your organisation achieve an alcohol and drug free workplace:


Educating individuals to make better decisions about alcohol and drugs.


Training team leaders to recognise issues in the workplace and to know what to do when an issue arises.


Supporting with well-communicated, easily understandable policy and procedures and, if necessary, assisting with lawful alcohol and drug testing.

Consultancy and Programme Management Delivery Modules:


Policy and procedures


Education and training

Employee assistance


Assessment, treatment & case management

Organisational Benefits

A comprehensive alcohol and drug programme in your workplace will help to:


Reduce the number and severity of accidents.


Reduce absenteeism and sickness.


Give real assistance to people who need help.

Instep EAP does not undertake workplace alcohol and drug testing. Two organisations that do this work in New Zealand are the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) or The Drug Detection Agency

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