Our expertise

Since 1998, the Instep EAP team has been providing member organisations with a place their employees can go to access help in overcoming problems they’re experiencing both at work and home.

Instep EAP is just one of the wellbeing solutions provided by Skills Consulting Group. For information on the other wellbeing programmes available visit the Skills Consulting Group website.

Why work with us?


For over 20 years, we have provided high quality care backed by integrity, compassion, respect, trust, privacy and clinical excellence to New Zealand organisations.

24/7 Reach

Our 24/7 call-centre, online client portal and quality affiliate network allows us to provide quality, around the clock support.

Network of Experts

Instep provides the highest quality specialist care for both you and your team. All of our clinicians and coaches are members of professional associations and are regularly peer reviewed.


We work with you to ensure that our programmes meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Our Team

Fiona McCracken

Wellbeing Service Manager

Kia ora! My name is Fiona and as Wellbeing Service Manager my role is to support our service delivery team to provide safe and efficient services to our clients. I have extensive experience working with people at risk and try to bring a calm, solution-focused approach to managing my team so that they in turn can support the clients they are working with.

Annie O’Keefe

Wellbeing Provider Manager

Kia ora! My name is Annie and I lead the wellbeing provider strategy for Skills Consulting Group. My role is both strategic and hands-on, ensuring that our extensive pool of wellbeing providers feel part of our organisation. By ensuring our providers are well resourced, we can continue to provide top quality support for our customers and their people.

Jack Teppett

Wellbeing Recruitment Advisor

Jack brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Wellbeing Recruitment Advisor. Coming from the education sector, Jack’s passionate about growing and maintaining Instep’s provider pool and ensuring clients receive quality support irrespective of where they’re based around the country.

Ruth Burns

Wellbeing Provider Manager & Case Manager

Kia ora! My name is Ruth and I focus on ensuring our clients have access to a wide range of providers across a variety of specialist areas. I work proactively with providers to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and support them by ensuring they have a smooth and efficient onboarding process with Instep EAP.

Kylie McIntyre

Wellbeing Case Manager

Kia ora! I’m Kylie and I’m one of the Wellbeing Case Managers. My role involves caring for client’s wellbeing from the moment I answer the phone through to finding them the support they require with one of our wellbeing providers. May aim is to ensure that everyone who I talk with is treated in a warm, caring and reassuring manner. My background is in education and am a mum of three teenagers.

Kelly Prince

Wellbeing Case Manager

Kia ora! My name is Kelly and I’m a Wellbeing Case Manager. My background is in social work, and I have specialised in mental health, addiction, and crisis and education. Backing this up is a degree in Biculturalism in Practise and PG cert in Health Sciences – Mental Health and Addictions. I am a natural born helper and enjoy this mahi as it gives me the opportunity to help people who are facing stressful situations.

Leighann Griffiths

Wellbeing Team Leader / Case Manage 

Kia Ora! My name is Leigh-ann and I work as the Wellbeing Case Manager Team Leader. With a counselling and human resource management background, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of solution-focused brief intervention. I have an emphasis on building relationships with clients and effectively communicating in order to move together towards the best possible outcomes.  

Yinny Hor

Wellbeing Case Manager

Kia ora! My name is Yinny and I am a Wellbeing Case Manager and one of the Wellbeing Angels for our TextPulse programme. I have a background in health sciences and have a desire to help others and make a difference their lives. My focus is on ensuring clients feel safe and heard, and I work to match them with a provider they can connect with. I have a passion for sustainability in all areas of human activity and this includes wellbeing.

Steffi Burrows

Wellbeing Programme Lead / Case Manager

Kia ora! My name is Steffi and I am a Wellbeing Case Manger. I have a Master of Science, endorsed in health psychology, and so have a real commitment to helping people get the right support for the situation they currently find themselves in. I do this by actively listening so that I can identify who the best wellbeing provider could be for them.

Amelia Foster

Wellbeing Case Manager

Kia ora! My name is Amelia and I am a Wellbeing Case Manager. My role involves pairing clients up with support that suits their needs. Clients remain central throughout this process, with the end goal of putting them on a path to personal and professional wellbeing. My professional background involves work and volunteering in the mental health and disability sectors and I am currently studying towards my BSc in psychology.  


Caitlin Regal

Wellbeing Case Manager

Kia ora! My name is Caitlin and I work as one of the Wellbeing Case Managers. As a professional athlete I had to deal with high pressure environments and so I understand the importance of active listening and the benefits of building trusting relationships. I use these skills to help clients find the right support they need.


Want to get in touch with us?

For Individuals

If your organisation is a member of Instep EAP and you need support, there are three ways to get in touch:

  • Call us on 0800 284 678
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  • Log on to the Members area

For Organisations

If you want to talk to us about how we can support your team with our Instep EAP service:

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Workplaces are all about people, and people’s wellbeing is key to improving business performance. As well as Instep EAP, Skills Consulting Group has a range of Workplace Wellbeing solutions including:

  • Professional Supervision
  • Back on Your Feet
  • Speak Up
  • Outplacement & Career Transition