Balancing work and family

How well we balance responsibilities with doing things we truly enjoy directly affects our quality of life. It also helps manage stress.

If you are generally reacting to other people’s needs rather than also meeting your own needs, some re-balancing is required.

1. Work and Family Balance is a Conscious Decision.

Work and family don’t ‘balance’ automatically. Achieving balance is an ongoing process. Understanding this can reduce frustration and help you act to gain control. Learn to say “no!”

2. Write Down Family Goals.

Family needs change over time. Opportunities to build a tree house with/for the kids or participate in a new family pursuit don’t last forever. Decide what is important and write it down. Assign a date, and don’t trade it – make these goals “must-happens.”

3. Stick to Your Values.

Sometimes it can be tough to choose between a family and a work activity. Knowing where you stand on your values can make tough choices easier.

4. Let Things Go (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff).

Learn to recognise the things that don’t really have much impact in your life – let them go and don’t rue their loss!

5. Revisit Your Schedule.

When your work schedule changes, new opportunities may become available to participate in family activities. Claim the high ground!

6. Recognise the Benefits of Balance.

Balancing work and family have pay-offs for children, home relationships, and everyone’s future happiness. Recognising is a self-fulfilling philosophy!

7. Manage Distractions and Procrastination.

Working long hours causes stress that sometimes finds relief naturally through workplace distractions and procrastination. If you are at the office for 12 hours, do you really work only 10? If you are searching for more family time, it might be found here.

8. Discuss Expectations and Responsibilities.

When one family member is taking on too many responsibilities at home, resentments can build. Periodically discussing the perceptions of others can provide the awareness you need to consider opportunities and choices for work and family balance.

9. Organise Your Work Better.

You may need to negotiate a change of work pattern and level with your boss. Improving your delegation and time- management skills can buy you time needed for family life. Learning how to put work down, say “no,” and let go of workplace worries are skills that are learned through practice.

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