Back on Your Feet Programme

The Back on Your Feet programme supports employees with their mental and emotional recovery after a distressing incident, by facilitating their return to wellness and the workplace with professional post-incident support.

The Back on Your Feet programme is a manager-referred trauma recovery service. With the input of an allocated trauma specialist and the employee’s manager, the Instep Case Manager will track the progress of the employee as they return to work and wellness.

Working with Instep

Instep will allocate a Case Manager who will be the point of contact for everyone involved in the recovery process. The Instep Case Manager will organise professional support, monitor the employee’s wellbeing through regular check-in’s and report to a consented manager regarding progress and how to best facilitate the employee’s recovery and return to the workplace. This is documented in a Support Plan. 

With the help of your Counsellor/Psychologist and Manager, the Instep Case Manager can assist your employee’s safe and effective reintegration back to work and wellness.

Organisational Benefits


Critical incident support offered promptly after a traumatic event can substantially minimise emotional suffering and medical or legal issues that may arise later.


With the right support in place, people impacted by a critical incident are often able to return to work and resume a normal work pattern sooner than those without support.

Personal Benefits


 Potentially traumatic on or off-site incidents have the potential to impact your employee’s long-term well-being. Professional support post-incident dramatically decreases the chance of long-term physical and emotional repercussions.

The Back on Your Feet Programme Global Criteria

When should you deploy the Back on Your Feet programme to support your employee? 

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