Critical Incident Support

A critical incident is an unexpected event that causes suffering and loss, and where the impact goes beyond the bounds of normal stress.

An aircraft emergency, natural disaster, a company being placed in receivership, facing a strike, merger, violence or threat are all examples of critical incidents in the workplace.
Trauma occurs when a person’s experience of an event triggers a traumatic stress reaction, regardless of whether the event is real or perceived. Ensuring that people who have experienced trauma have access to help is critical.

Working with Instep

Instep offers comprehensive support and assistance to minimise the disruption and distress associated with incidents of trauma, violence or crisis.

Organisational Benefits


Critical incident support offered promptly after a traumatic event can substantially minimise emotional suffering and medical or legal issues that may arise later.


With the right support in place, people impacted by a critical incident are often able to return to work and resume a normal work pattern sooner than those without support.

Personal Benefits


Support following a critical incident not only assists the affected individual but can also benefit their family members and co-workers as well.

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