Alcohol & Other Drug Programme
Waipiro me Ētahi atu Hōtaka Rongoā

Alcohol and other drugs (AOD) in the workplace pose a threat to health, safety and performance. Tackling this issue requires a comprehensive approach which is fully integrated into the operational procedures of the organisation.

When applied consistently, an Alcohol and Other Drug programme can provide long-lasting positive results for the individual and the organisation. 

We ensure our AOD programmes are facilitated and run by a Registered and Accredited Addiction Practitioners’ Association Aotearoa New Zealand (DAPAANZ) professional.

Working with Instep

Instep EAP takes a holistic approach to helping your organisation achieve an alcohol and drug free workplace:

Consultancy and Programme Management Delivery Modules:

Organisational Benefits

A comprehensive alcohol and drug programme in your workplace will help to:

Instep EAP does not undertake workplace alcohol and drug testing. Two organisations that do this work in New Zealand are the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) or The Drug Detection Agency