Help your employees stay healthy

Here are a few ways you can help your employees stay healthy, starting today:

  • Take advantage of free resources:
    • Most group insurance providers have health educational resources that are free for the taking. It usually just takes a phone call or a few minutes filling out n online form and opting into their distribution network, to receive useful material that you can pass on to your employees.
  • Establish support groups:
    • Work-centred support groups such as weight loss groups not only help employees stay healthy, but they are also great for morale. Establishing a support group that meets before or after work provides a convenience to employees that can help them succeed where they might otherwise.
  • Organise a health screening day:
    • Offering a free on-site health fair where employees can screen themselves for general ailments such as high blood pressure is a good way to head off costly emergencies down the line.
  • Mental health counselling:
    • Making use of your professional, confidential mental health counselling will help your employees to manage a host of potential problems that can negatively impact performance.

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