Fitness for Work

To be considered ‘fit for work’ an individual must be not only physically, but also psychologically and emotionally capable of meeting the demands of the workplace.

This is what will enables individuals to perform tasks competently and in a way that does not threaten the safety or health of themselves or others.

Historically, organisations have addressed fitness for work issues through an alcohol and drugs policy or sick leave provision. But, much more can be done by taking a holistic approach which includes looking at all the elements that contribute to wellbeing.

How the Instep Process Works

Instep provide customised Fitness for Work Programmes to both the corporate and industrial sectors. The training and consultancy approach focuses on six major factors that contribute to our feeling good and functionally well, at work and in the rest of our lives. When any of these factors are compromised in an individual, they can be more likely to become fatigued or at risk of mental health, alcohol or drug-related issues.

Instep can help your organisation develop and implement Fitness for Work strategies with programmes that cover employee education, particularly:


Alcohol and drug use


Managing fatigue


Improving mental health

Instep also help with training for supervisors:


Recognising and constructively addressing Fitness for Work issues.


Reviewing rosters and shift plans to minimise the impact on individuals’ fitness for work.

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Important COVID-19 information

If you are feeling physically sick or suspect you may have COVID-19 please contact Healthline on 0800 611 116 for guidance and advice. The Government website has all the latest information for New Zealanders. For all mental health related support please contact Instep on 0800 284 678.

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